Soup Ottawa blog: presenting the ‘Web-Soupers Choice’

January 14, 2014

For those savvy Soup Ottawa followers out there, you may have noticed our new initiative, the ‘Web-Soupers Choice’. This is our way of letting you have even more say in supporting great projects in our city.

Here’s how it works: once our application deadline closes on February 2nd, we’ll post all the proposals we’ve received on our website. Then it’s your turn. From February 3rd to 16th, you get to read them over, weigh each against the next, and pick the top choice you absolutely have to hear from at our next event.

As organizers, we try to keep in mind a few criteria to help us reach a consensus on our presenters. These include: community benefit; achievability; creativity; additionality (have others funded you, are there chances you will be funded from elsewhere); and strong connection to the theme. But maybe you have your own priorities for what a Soup Ottawa finalist should be. Feel free to let your passion guide you. At the end of the voting period, the application with the most votes will be guaranteed a presenters’ spot at our Winter Soup Ottawa event.

We’ve been so pleased with the reception Soup Ottawa has received so far and with the success of our events. So why mess with a good thing? Soup Ottawa is nothing without the community that supports it – we want you to be excited about this process as much as we are and we try our best to incorporate all the great feedback we receive. One of the things we love about the Soup model is how it gets people engaged in what’s happening in our community – and from what we hear, you do too! We see the Web-Soupers Choice as another great way to spark the conversation. We hope seeing the many applications will get you excitedly debating your top picks with your friends as much as we do as organizers and maybe even reaching out to your favourite project, even if they don’t make the cut.

Another one of our favourite aspects of a Soup event is how we get to support new ideas and talk about our city together, in the same place, over a delicious bowl of soup. But we also realize that each event has a limited capacity, and not everyone is able to make it out every time. With the Web-Soupers Choice, everyone gets the opportunity to participate, extending the excitement about great Ottawa projects even further.

With this event’s theme ‘Giving Voice’, don’t miss your chance to have yours heard  – check back on February 3rd to see all the applications and get voting!

– Karen Balcome

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