Soup Ottawa #1 | Spring 2013 | Theme: Utopia

Centretown News, June 4, 2013: Video interview

Ottawa Citizen, May 31, 2013: Soup soirée highlights community projects

The Montreal Gazette, May 31, 2013: Soup Ottawa attendees get their serving of sweet potato and mushroom soup.

CHUOFM Radio, May 30, 2013: Click Here Interview (starting at 22:30 mark)

Metro News, May 21, 2013: One soup, one vote: Ottawa charity crowd-sources funding to energize communities

Soup Ottawa #2 | Summer 2013 | Theme: The Art of…

CTV Morning Live interview, August 27, 2013: Video

Ottawa Rickshaws, August 27, 2013: Soup Ottawa Brings Together Local Creative Minds

The Leveller, October 9, 2013: Coordinating Conversation: Niigaan looks to build indigenous/non-indigenous relations and learning

Anishinabek News, October 16, 2013: Ottawa supports Niigaan project: ‘Looking to the Future’

Soup Ottawa #3 | Fall 2013 | Theme: Better than you found it, August 29, 2013: Ottawa is HAWT this Fall

Financial Post, November 22, 2013: Invest Ottawa names rising starts of city’s startup scene

Centertown Buzz, December 13, 2013: Community funds swimming lessons for children with special needs

Soup Ottawa #4 | Winter 2013/2014 | Theme: Giving Voice, January 29, 2014: Want to meet great people in Ottawa? Yeah you do

Centertown News, February 24, 2014: Swimming program targets children with special needs, February 27, 2014: How are you using your voice?

Ottawa Family Living Magazine, Spring 2014: Food for (Community) Life

Soup Ottawa #5 | Spring 2014 | Theme: Building Blocks

CKCU FM Radio, May 23, 2014: A Luta Continua (radio interview)

Soup Ottawa #6 | Summer 2014 | Theme: Make Ottawa ____

CTV Morning Live, August 28, 2014: Soup Ottawa tonight at City Hall

CBC Radio, August 28, 2014: When soup does more than warm your insides

Soup Ottawa #7 | Fall 2014 | Theme: Something Old, Something New

Youtube video created by past Soup winner “A.R.T. in Action”: Soup Ottawa Promo

Soup Ottawa #8 | Winter 2015 | Theme: Prototype

Apt 613 Interview, February 24, 2014: Apt 613 Live

Blog posts from community members who attended the event: Stephanie Rochefort, TobaKiss

3 responses to “Media

  1. Denise Fung

    Hello. I’m a radio producer with CBC Ottawa Morning. Would it be possible for someone from Soup Ottawa to give me a call? Might be interested in talking to the group that gets the most votes at tomorrow night’s event, so would like to get a heads up of what’s happening. My number is 613-288-6468.

    Thanks! Denise

  2. Hello! I’m a Masters of Journalism student from Carleton U covering the event tonight. Looking forward to hopefully meeting a lot of interesting people and sharing some delicious soup. I’m producing a radio post so I hope people aren’t too mic-shy!

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