#8 Winter 2015: “Prototype”

Project Title



OCNC613 is looking to purchase a shared desktop CNC cutter for the benefit of the wider community and provide workshops, orientation and access to the small CNC router.
Darcy Whyte
New works by The Windows Collective
The Windows Collective is made up of six Ottawa artists who create independent films as part of their artistic practices. The Windows Collective is now in the process of creating a new film installation to present to Ottawa’s communities in the summer of 2015.
Roger D. Wilson


The Capital Creative Centre – C³
In gathering artists of different disciplines in one location, The Capital Creative Centre would offer the artists a chance to learn from each, work collaboratively on projects and through marketing of the Centre, promote these artists, propelling their careers forward.
Stephanie Bak
The Clean Kits project thinks differently about donations. By bundling basic toiletry products, and a little bit more, a *hand-made face cloth* and a *note of affirmation*, wrapped up in a brown paper bag, distribution and receipt of this ‘care package’ expresses affirmation of the recipient’s worth and value.
Mimi Golding
From Field to Feast
Sir Guy Carleton SS is a high school that serves the West end of Ottawa. We have begun retrofitting our greenhouse to use aquaponics to grow organic vegetables for our school and community.
Derek Brez
subDevision is a celebration of site-specific, innovative, boundary-pushing performance. For three nights in March, audiences are invited into the Enriched Bread Artist studios (EBA) to experience live theatre taking place in and around a massive party.
Emily Pearlman
Our Stories, Their Stories
We are gathering stories about coming
to Canada, being Canadian, places in Canada and times in Canadian history.
We are trying to make sure we get stories from or about every province and territory and from as many cultures as possible. All stories come from Canadian seniors and honour them. The sales of these books will raise money to help Vulnerable seniors in Canada and around the world.
Natalie Fraser
Seniors in Need
We are raising money to create an emergency fund to help vulnerable local seniors in need of quick assistance for things such as dentures, hearing aids, medical supplies or incontinence supplies.
Marjorie Milloy
Our goal with BlankSpaces is to provide a citywide publication that helps to fill this perceived gap with in-depth coverage of the arts, making it easier for those who live here to know what’s happening around them culturally.
Victoria Watson
The Mental Health Forum Theatre Project
The Mental Health Forum Theatre project, in partnership with Psychiatric Survivors of Ottawa and other community organizations, will work with a group of adults with mental health issues to teach theatre skills and create a Forum Theatre play about their experiences with mental health issues in their communities. The goal of Forum Theatre is to create dialogue and facilitate community problem solving.
Naomi Tessler



Housing Hackathon
The Ottawa Alliance to End Homelessness is partnering with the Canadian Alliance for the 20,000 Homes campaign, an initiative to house 20,000 of the most vulnerable homeless people in Canada by 2018. Ending homelessness by developing new solutions through a “Housing Hackathon”.
Kaite Burkholder
This project is to make an online elections guide to make education about relevant political issues more accessible to youth and younger voters before the 2015 general elections.
Andrea Tolentino

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