#7 Fall 2014: “Something Old, Something New”


Project Title



Jolliest Jinglebell Hootenanny
Music event at city hall to beat the world record (now set at 488 people) for singing “jinglebells” while ringing bells, led by Shout Sister, followed by a full day of music highlighting musicians with disabilities to raise awareness for more accessible music opportunities in Ottawa starting with technologies for visually impaired/blind musicians to play, compose and edit musical scores.
Vivian Sollows
Twistory!: The Historically Inaccurate Sketch Comedy
In creating this play, we realized the power and ease in which theatrical arts could be used to teach people – young and old – about various elements of history. We wish to explore the potential of our original story and cater it to young audiences in schools around Ottawa and surrounding area.
Steven Lafond
The Carleton University Peanut Project
We are specifically determining how early life antibiotic exposure may be increasing the likelihood of children to develop peanut allergies by disrupting the endogenous gut microflora, or naturally occurring community of microorganisms living in the digestive tract, of these children at a critical time period during development.
Shawn Hayley &
Rozlyn Boutin
New works by
The Windows Collective
The Windows Collective is made up of six Ottawa artists who create independent films as part of their artistic practices. We are now in the process of creating a new film installation to present to Ottawa’s communities in the summer of 2015.
Roger D. Wilson


Student Philanthropy Council Presents: Philanthropy School
The Philanthropy School program aims to equip students with a passion for philanthropy and campus-based causes, with a means to see their idea come to fruition. The program will see 10-15 students divided into groups of 5 to tackle an on-campus issue that is present.
Christian Robillard
I want to take my choreographed dance to “Spasticus Autisticus” to a public place as a call for solidarity. I need funds to develop a video backdrop for the piece; this would add dimension and drama and take the piece to a new level. The dancers are people with and without disabilities and audience participation will be a part of this reworking of my initial choreography.
Elizabeth Winkelaar
Texting during difficult times
This project looks to support the advertising and public awareness of not only 24/7 day a week mental health crisis line, but our new texting enhancement.
Desiree Rapoch
Christie Lake Kids, Little Green Thumbs Project
 To help engage low income youth within our STAR and Summer Camp Programs, we have developed the Little Green Thumbs environmental initiative that will help further our mission and develop the skill sets of our youth. They will participate in a program to learn about the science behind native plants, organic and natural food sources, as well as environmental games and activities.
 Natalie Benson
Patrick & Karina Across Canada
 The Patrick & Karina Across Canada project is intended to touch the lives of various young adults struggling with their career endeavors. It is about friendship, people, love, heartache, and essentially just life. Karina & Patrick will be playing themselves, while transforming into a myriad of various characters to take the audience on their Cross Canadian Odyssey.
Karina Milech
Ottawa Tool Library
 The tool lending library in Ottawa will be a place where people will be able to borrow tools, learn how to use them, and take workshops. We put underused tools in the hands of people who need them. The tool library will offer a collection of tools for DIY home, garden and office projects. We might also include kitchen tools and small wares in our inventory.
Bettina Vollmerhausen
 Mobile art groups: healing in a communal way
 The Women and War program offers two regular art groups in the community for immigrant and refugee women to heal from violence in a communal setting. Mobile art groups are an extension of this service. The art instructor teaches women how to paint, followed by a trained support worker who offers practical information based on the women’s needs (housing, employment, immigration system).
Emilie Jabouin
 International Indigenous Festival: Mana M?ori
 The idea behind International Indigenous Festival is to welcome people from different International Indigenous cultures to Ottawa. Every year we will focus on our invited guests by giving them venues to express their culture to a Canadian audience, such as with our inaugural festival Mana M?ori.
Anna Paluch
Digital Mural Art at Glashan Schoolyard Greening
 The project vision is for a set of large-scale digital murals to be installed on the brick surfaces of the bleak school building. We want to create a positive, energetic visual impact. The project is rolling – first set of murals is at the printers! The second set of murals are under production, we need your help to finish them.
Angela Keller-Herzog
Design Collective Ottawa
 The Design Collective Ottawa connects designers and local businesses through community initiatives. Our focus is on promoting small businesses, local start-ups and creative talent, mixing them together as a way to uncover new knowledge and promote community innovation. Our premise is simple, we engage our members by encouraging them to give back to the community.
Gerry Kanter
 Landline is a unique arts event that lures participants out of their cars and into the pedestrian spaces. The objectives of the project are three-fold: 1) to invite residents to “re-see” their cities, 2) to build community by encouraging participants to engage in – and practice making – conversation with strangers, and 3) to create a meaningful arts experience.
Adrienne Wong
Wildlife Club Videos: A creative way to share environmental education research and protect Guyana’s beautiful Rupununi
 One of Guyana’s nine indigenous peoples, the Makushi’s territory in the North Rupununi is a spectacularly beautiful biodiversity hotspot. Makushi communities are making decisions about local natural resource management and the development of their young people. I am seeking funding to return to the Rupununi with equipment and funding to hire community members to create the videos.
Julie Comber
Quest for Plastinates – Supporting Anatomy and Physiology Education at Carleton
 Our team is committed to transforming anatomy and physiology education at Carleton University. Now, through a process called plastination, human tissue specimens are available and it is our objective to bring this ‘state-of-the-art’ to our classrooms. These specimens will make Carleton unique and allow us to inspire and educate undergraduates in a variety of courses and programs.
Jeff Dawson
Amazing Green Race
 The Amazing Green Race is a fun and fast-paced event where participants must complete challenges hosted throughout Ottawa. The challenges will be hosted by various sustainability-focused organizations, providing them a platform to engage participants in what they within Ottawa as to become more aware of what initiatives are happening locally.
Gayashan Tennakoon
Refugee Night
 Refugee Night is an event that features dramatic sketches, monologues, keynote speakers and other activities aimed to engage and educate attendees about issues of domestic and international refugee law.
Mary Kapron
Old Roots, New Soil Forum Theatre Project Phase 2
 Old Roots, New Soil Phase 1 is a forum theatre project that creates an opportunity for immigrant women to develop communication skills, build friendships and gain the confidence to speak up and act out against social injustice. Old Roots, New Soil Phase 2 will get the wheels in motion for our troupe to tour our play to new audiences of immigrant women.
Naomi Tessler
 The Featherstone Project – Building up Students with Play
 Our project is to build a play space for the kids who attend Featherstone Public School. We are currently fundraising to help alleviate financial stress for the OCDSB and for Featherstone. The play space is a long-term project that will serve the public school for many days to come.
Xuyu Zhang

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