#5 Spring 2014: “Building Blocks”

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The Music Circle
A partnership between Lotus Centre for Special Music Education, National Arts Centre and Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, The Music Circle program brings adapted music education and music performance to students with developmental disorders. Participants experience and learn about music instruments and musical elements through a series of workshops, followed by a sensory-friendly concert at the NAC by professional orchestra members.
Erin Parkes
Erin at lotuscentre dot net
CISV Ottawa
An independent, non-political volunteer organization promoting cross-cultural friendship through a variety of educational programs for youth 11+ locally and around the world. Opportunities for adult volunteers.
Info at cisvottawa dot ca
Peoples Social Forum
Building radical and media activist communication infrastructures, via the Peoples Social Forum. We are working on the process of hosting a ‘Movement Assembly’ at the national-level Peoples Social Forum (PSF) taking place August 21-24 in Ottawa. This assembly would be a discussion and planning session, to learn from each other, discuss collective needs, problems and opportunities, and see how we might implement ideas that come forward – whether for our own projects, new ways to work together, and/or possible new projects generated through this process.
Greg Macdougall
waawaaskesh at yahoo dot ca
The Exchange: an Indigenous Learning Experience
The Exchange is an experiential workshop, for both indigenous and non-indigenous participants, to learn extensive and sensitive information regarding 500 years of First Nation history. Using a traditional teaching method, this unique facilitation approach is steeped – at every level – in cultural learning. Participants are gently taken out of their heads and into their bodies so that learning cultural information serve as resouces from which participants co-create physical representations of their learning. A unique and artistic approach to achieving both Trust and Reconciliation.
Suzanne Keeptwo
skeeptwo at gmail dot com
“Ignite” is a musical project about my perseverance and resilience toward building on my passion for music while remembering to never give up on my dreams.
Cody Allen
Britannia Woods Renewal
The Community House provides local residents with programs that range from school homework assistance to employment and skill building, connections to health services and a food pantry which serves 1,200 people per month. In addition, the Community House provides sports, recreation and social programming. This three bedroom row house, that was not built as a community centre is the hub of the community. Many of the things that are relied on daily simply wear out.
Christine Taylor
christine at gotaylor dot ca
GottaGo! Campaign Ottawa
The “GottaGo!” campaign advocates for a network of safe, accessible, free, clean and environmentally responsible public toilets and water foundtains in major transit stops, parks and key public places to meet the needs of residents and tourists in Ottawa.
Gottagocampaign at gmail dot com
True Freedom is Inside
True Freedom can be achieved by the transformation of consciousness. The ultimate goal is fusion of: spirit – soul – body.
Dr. Tanis Kovaluk known as Tetiana
tetiana8love at gmail dot com
Ottawa GovJam
Ottawa GovJam is an event held once a year in June, in association with similar groups all around the world. It provides anyone interested with the tools, team and confidence to create tangible solutions to big public problems in just 48 hours.
Ottawa GovJam team: ottawa dot govjam at gmail dot com
Building our future one stitch at a time
Small clothing line to finance our household and self-sustained homestead. Reasonably priced, unique garments made mostly from recycled noble materials like wool, leather and silk. The sewing, selling, marketing processes will become part of my children’s homeschool “classes”, not only allowing them to learn all those skills, but also giving them the chance to be directly involved in their school, and ultimately, their home financing.
Valérie Basque
valerie dot baque at umontreal dot ca
Gratitude Walls
“Gratitude Walls”, “30 Minutes to Happy”, and “With This Awesome RING” are 3 prongs of my purpose and goal of building sustainable happiness within individuals and in our communities.
silvana dot valentone at gmail dot com
at Silvana _Happy5


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