#2 Summer 2013: “The Art of…”

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Moving Dance Floor
I built a wooden moving dance floor “powered” by the dancer(s). The floor is a 6 foot hexagon with a modular (interchangeable) base. The different bases provide different levels of sliding, spinning, balance and mobility. The floor acts as a semi-stable dradle, a protruding piece is placed in the centre under the floor and any off-centre weight tilts the floor. Through this action, the floor reacts to the dancer and creates a forced synergy between both. The dancer is then tasked with reacting to the floor.
Samuel Arsenault-Brassard
samuelAB at gmail.com
A Canadian Conversation
The creation of an ongoing dialogue involving galleries in Ottawa and Toronto, each event to be held by an individual speaker and multiple artists. The goal: to find our strengths through similarities and differences, in a sense defining the current sentiment of the community while sparking new and forever lasting relationships.
Gabriel Rojas Hruska
gabrielrojashruska at hotmail.ca
JersVision is hoping to raise funds to help support a local youth-run anti-bullying conference to train 150 youth in Ottawa. This event has been designed by youth in our community who feel that schools and organizations are not doing enough. The project seeks to train 150 youth over a 2 day event.
Jeremy Dias
info at jersvision.org
The Ottawa   Community – Music, Arts & Craft Collective(OC-MACC)
OC-MACC is a small but dedicated group of people in Ottawa who have been pooling their talent since Fall 2012 to put on folksy, diverse, inter-generational and community-based house parties in celebration of each of Ottawa’s brilliant seasons. The result reconnects people of all ages and background together for a night of live, local music with a touch of creative atmosphere.
Sarah Chan
sarahcourtney.chan at gmail.com
The Iliad: The Original Epic of the Trojan War
In 2014, Ottawa StoryTellers (OST) plans to mount a 12-hour performance of the Iliad. OST will present this great work as it was meant to be heard – each chapter told from memory with skill and passion by an experienced storyteller in keeping with the oral tradition from which it comes.
Caitlyn Paxson
mad at ottawastorytellers.ca
Niigaan: In Conversation – the Art of   Decolonization
Niigaan: In Conversation encourages discussion and conversation between Settler Canadians and Indigenous Peoples through public events, educational materials and partnerships with other groups to recreate the modern treaty relationship. Conversation is the starting point for building mutually beneficial relationships and creating understanding.
Melody McKiver
niigaan at gmail.com

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