#1 Spring 2013: “Utopia”

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Oh!mega Meal Boost
OH!mega Meal Boost is a nutritionally rich ground mixture of seeds, nuts and grains. Added to many recipes, it appeals to children and seniors who find it difficult to chew. Her hope is to “seed” fund for other women with disabilities, helping them create their own businesses.
Vivian Sollows
viviansollows at gmail.com
Angela’s Bed & Breakfast Ottawa
Angela’s Bed & Breakfast is a progressive, eco-friendly, centrally located B&B. It is operated out of the Glebe House, a communal multi-generational household. Angela’s motto: “We change the sheets while you change the world”.
Angela Keller-Herzog
akellerherzog at horizongreen.ca
Attawapiskat Storytelling
Prompted by our desire to share the story of the Attawapiskat, we will be paddling the river in July to create a video documentary about the high environmental cost of the natural resource extraction industries.
Janice Ashworth
janice.ashworth at gmail.com
Branch Out Bakery
Branch Out Bakery makes baked goods that are allergen-free, all plant-based, organic whenever possible, and delivered to your door by bicycle. Branch Out Bakery explores alternative economic models, including a barter system, and is interested in sharing skills, knowledge and creating connections within the community.
Tricia Enns
branchoutbakery at gmail.com
My Garment: A Discovery Game
Slow Fashion Forward would like to provide one of their games to educators worldwide. My Garment: A Discovery Game is an interactive game used to educate students about the impacts of the globalized fashion industry in a simple, creative and engaging way.
Maureen Dickson
maureen at slowfashionforward.org
Adapted Alternatives
Adapted Alternatives aims to modify shirts so that they can be used by individuals with physical disabilities who need assistance getting dressed. The startup’s goal is to expand beyond shirts, wile keeping in mind the individual’s dignity and need for independence.
Brigitte McCauley
bmccauleyphilion at gmail.com

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