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WHAT: Build a complete (public) record of all the wonderful people/organizations working to better the Ottawa community. Please note that this is a voluntary list; we make this available only once we receive the consent of those involved. Should you wish to add your name to the list at a later time, please contact us.

WHY: See our blog post on this here.

Past Events

1. Spring 2013: “Utopia”

2. Summer 2013: “The Art of…”

3. Fall 2013: “Better than you found it”

4. Winter 2014: “Giving Voice”

5. Spring 2014: “Building Blocks”

6. Summer 2014: “Make Ottawa _____”

7. Fall 2014: “Something Old, Something New”

8. Winter 2015: “Prototype”

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  2. Winthrop Court Community House is located within the Ottawa-west Winthrop Court neighbourhood. Our community house is open to member of this community and surrounding areas, providing resources and supports, building community capacity, helping to identify the needs of the community and fostering a warm and welcoming environment. As Soup Ottawa’s first micro-grant recipients, community members (adults and youth) have been able to begin and complete some small scale functional art projects designed to beautify the community. These include; decorative garbage cans, community signatures and a small communal herb garden (in progress). In addition, we have also added some lovely flowers in front of the community to greet residents and visitors to the community. There are still more exciting projects to come in the new year!

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