Hang in there baby


Dear Soupers,

If you haven’t yet heard the news around town, Soup Ottawa is taking a short break. But don’t worry, it’s not you – it’s us! We’ve done some thinking lately and decided that after 2+ years and numerous events, it might be time for a little TLC.

We’ll be taking a couple months over the summer to take what we’ve learned since our start in 2013 and work on improving our events and Soup Ottawa as a whole.

Stay tuned, friends, because we aren’t going anywhere. We’ll be coming back bigger and better and we want you all there to help celebrate the new us!

We’ll be seeing you soon.


The Soup Ottawa Team

2 responses to “Hang in there baby

  1. Diane Beckett

    Thanks for all you do. Raising funds is only one part of the community building you facilitate. Learning about all the great initiatives that people in Ottawa are doing is also so important.

    • supadan

      Thanks for such a lovely comment Diane! We really appreciate your support. Please stay tuned for updates on our next event!

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