What a night!


What an event. What a lineup of presenters. What a winner!

A huge thank you to all you community-conscious people that showed up to the 15th Soup Ottawa event on March 26th! We headed back to Impact HUB Ottawa where we made our first Soup debut and were completely spoiled by our friends at Green Rebel who graciously provided the bread and soups (that’s right, plural. Green Rebel brought FIVE different kinds of soup setting an all time record for all our events!).

We had an incredible lineup consisting of 5 local presenters to tell us their visions for a better community. The winner, as voted by all 103 of you Souper attendees, was “Project RMORE” who took home all $1,030 collected at the door that evening. This particular project aims to provide survivors of sexual abuse and assault with handmade blankets from the community to show them that they are more. The funding will be used to purchase materials for the blankets and to create a website to grow their volunteer and donation base.

These events wouldn’t be made possible without the support of our evening sponsors, so another thank you to the following:

  • Impact HUB Ottawa for being such an incredible partner over the past few years
  • Green Rebel for really going above and beyond with soup and bread
  • Ottawa
  • Banfield for always making us look so good
  • Ottawa Venues for lending us extra chairs
  • Our musician Aaron making sure our breaks aren’t too boring

And last but certainly not least, we want to thank all of our presenters who came out and got up on stage to pitch their wonderful projects.

  • Ausome Ottawa – to enrich the lives of families living with autism through sport and recreation
    • Ausome Ottawa is the the 2018 winner of the Community Initiative at the Ottawa Social Impact Awards!
  • Can’t Use Your Ticket? – collecting donated event tickets and redistributing them to underprivileged kids
  • The Birth Talks Presents – Ten women from all walks of life learn to tell their stories of pregnancy, birth and parenting
  • Cooking Blind with High Tech – a cooking collective aimed at teaching new cooking techniques to the blind using high tech devices operated by cell phones

Please take 2 minutes to fill out our survey and let us know how we can make our next event even better: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MHJ598B

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